Another Client Win!

Minnesota Forfeiture Law Found Unconstitutional for Second Time DWI with Refusal

Ahern Wins Back $22,000 GMC Sierra for Client! 


Emergency Calls From Jail

Do I take the test?

If someone in Minnesota in the late evening or early morning has called you wanting you to help them find a lawyer, that person is probably running out of time and will have to decide to take or refuse a test, probably without legal advice. Call my DWI Hotline immediately: 952-473-5405.

Services on Weekends

If I am hired on a weekend or holiday, I am often successful in lifting "probable cause" holds and other jailing circumstances. I know how to reach the judges on-call in several counties. Don't let your spouse, friend or relative sit in jail when I may be able to encourage a judge to set bail. Judges will only set bail between 8:00am and 9:00pm.