Another Client Win!

Minnesota Forfeiture Law Found Unconstitutional for Second Time DWI with Refusal

Ahern Wins Back $22,000 GMC Sierra for Client! 


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Since you are reading this, you or a loved one may be in serious trouble.  Regardless of your test results, refusals or record, I CAN HELP RIGHT NOW!  Here is how I can help.

1)  Contact a Judge immediately to set bail that can get an accused driver out of jail fast.

2)  For most accused of a DWI in Hennepin or Ramsey County, I can promptly get your driver's license and license plates reinstated without a reinstatement fee, ignition interlock, whiskey plates or other restrictions while your case is pending.

3)  I will treat your case with the skill of a 30 year practicing professional and as one of my recent clients said "You have made a really bad situation for me so much better by handling my case with such professionalism and care."

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