Minnesota’s DWI laws can be harsh including mandatory jail sentences, mandatory treatment dictated by probation officers, fines, civil penalties, license revocations and more. Under many circumstances, the police will seize your car, your boat, your RV, or other vehicle. Get the legal help you need from only an experienced DWI lawyer. Call me immediately. The phone call is FREE and there is no commitment.

If you choose to move forward, we will agree to meet at which time I will begin working on your behalf. BEWARE: There are time limits which will prevent you and your lawyer from adequately preserving your rights. For example, in many cases I can get your license reinstated to drive anywhere you want, rather than waitng 15, 30, 45, 90 days or even a year to obtain a work permit.

My initial interview comprehensively covers every detail of your case. You also will learn about how to handle matters with your insurance company, how to deal with your driver’s license problems and more. We will discuss the risks that are ahead for you and how I will navigate the court system on your behalf. I will fight vigorously for you at every opportunity throughout the process. My fee does not go up during trial court proceedings, even if we take your case all the way through a jury trial. I don’t stop working until you tell me to stop!

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